What do you know about the Melbourne Cup-an affair that takes place every year?

How’s the Melbourne Cup organized? 

A number of races will take place at locations around Australia on the day of the festival. The main race in Flemington was broadcast live, drawing watches from more than 650 million viewers around the world. 

At exactly 3 p.m. local time, as the main match takes place, everybody can stop working and watch the match nervously on TV, on the internet or on the radio. Many Australian offices have also taken a break during the race. People will meet in the cafes or restaurants on the street around that time, watch TV together, and chat excitedly about the match.

Melbourne Cup Day, more than just a race! 

Speaking of this, I ‘m sure plenty of you are not interested in horse racing, and you’re going to find it really dull. But the Melbourne Cup Day doesn’t end at tough races. It’s no coincidence that today is considered an official holiday in Victoria. Besides the main event, the Melbourne Cup Day is also the location for many special activities, the largest being the Melbourne Cup Carnival of Myer Fashions on the Field.

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The game was held in The Park, situated on the hill behind the Flemington Stadium

Traditionally, girls who come to watch horse racing always dress up beautifully and wear very sophisticated and elegant hats. This practice has gone beyond the ordinary, becoming one of Australia’s biggest and most prestigious outdoor fashion activities. Coming to the festival, you’ll certainly be amazed by the elegance of the Australian girls in beautiful dresses, hats that are intricately made like a modern piece of art. Each hat has its own colour, its own lines, which display the personality of its maker.

In Victoria, on Melbourne Cup Day, everybody will have two days off, so if you’re living in this town, why don’t you want to immerse yourself in the bustle of races and carnivals? For you elsewhere, this day, don’t forget to watch the biggest horse racing broadcast live on TV!