Melbourne: The Melbourne Cup festival catches the interest of many visitors

Travelers to the Flemington Racecourse raced through the gates of the racecourse to grab the best seats and watch the Melbourne Cup display.

When the gates of the racetrack opened at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 5, hundreds of people were standing outside and running quickly through the gates to get inside the park. 

Seven News News Agency said that as the sun rose on November 5, many visitors were present and spread picnic mats along the finish line of the tracks. Animal advocates also started to assemble outside the racetrack with posters and songs with the slogan “Open Your Mind.”

The Race Safety Coalition scheduled a protest outside the Flemington Racecourse, amid the hype of an occurrence that “stops the community.” Two new drones were used to screen trains bringing more than 150,000 tourists to the Melbourne Cup.

Carrier Metro Trains traditionally only employed drones to keep track of big events, so purchasing new drones means that they can be used more frequently to track crowds with a large-scale, travel-moving passenger trip and a trail of troublemakers.

melbcup 300x200 - Melbourne: The Melbourne Cup festival catches the interest of many visitors 

This is not the first time that people have raised doubt about the handling of horse racing for the $8 million award

Racecourse Safety Alliance spokeswoman Kristin Leigh said the group was sponsored by many to initiate the rally after ABC’s 7.30 show broadcast video of race horses being sent to a rally slaughterhouse.

The Melbourne Cup, which took place on November 5th, will also feature the participation of popular singer Taylor Swift, a 10-time Grammy award winning performer, who will deliver two hit songs to the audience in her new release. Neil Wilson, Executive Director of the Horse Racing Association, said, “Coming to Flemington, you will not only enjoy cheering on the footsteps of the most strong racers in the country, but also have the chance to socialize with one of the world’s greatest stars-and really cheap tickets. That’s so perfect”