Melbourne Cup Horse Racing: the greatest prize race in the world

Did you know that the Melbourne Cup is Australia’s largest horse racing event and also a tournament that catches the interest of many spectators. 

Per year, 3 p.m. The first Tuesday of November will be the Melbourne Cup horse race, and Australia will be shut down for three and a half minutes. 

The Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Festival takes place at the Flemington Racecourse, renowned for its colorful roses. There are thousands of roses on this racetrack, and more are planted every year so that they will blossom on the right day of the Melbourne Cup.

melbourne cup field 2018 300x200 - Melbourne Cup Horse Racing: the greatest prize race in the world

The Melbourne Cup is a widely awaited occurrence in Australia and around the world

The competition was held for the first time in 1861 on a Thursday, as the Melbourne Cup was held annually-and only stopped after the Second World War-but today it is held on the first tuesday of november.

The race is televised live to nearly 650 million people worldwide. A lot of Australians sometimes interrupt what they’re doing before 3:00 p.m. on Melbourne Cup Day (local time) to watch or listen to a race across the Phone, on TV or on the radio. In comparison to the main event at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, nearby events take place regularly on the same day.

The race takes place over a distance of 32,000 meters for horses 3 years of age or older. There are approximately 24 horses who will take part in the cup competition, and this is the most prestigious race in the world, with more than 6 million Australian dollars and a Melbourne Cup gold cup consisting of 18-carat gold worth more than 175 thousand dollars. The timber foundation is made of Australian mimosa timber.

Many foreign-trained horses are heading to the Melbourne Cup to try and win the tournament. In 2014, 31 horses were named for the Melbourne Cup, including horses from Japan, France , Germany and New Zealand.