Melbourne Cup Carnival – A horse racing event that makes the whole country watch (Part 1)

The Melbourne Spring Riding Festival appears to include all the celebrations, and is the most famous sports entertainment event in Southern Victoria, Australia. 

If you have the chance to come to Melbourne in the spring and in the first week of November each year, you can’t skip a live spectator to the Melbourne Cup Carnival – the horse racing festival is known to make the country watch.

More than 400,000 people visit the Melbourne Cup Carnival every year with four main activities, including a major day on the first Tuesday of November. This year the festival takes place on October 31st, November 3rd, November 5th and November 7th. 

Just on the main day of the Melbourne Cup on November 3rd, there were 102,181 spectators viewing the Flemington Racecourse on the spot. And the number of Australians viewing live television is over 2.5 million. Worldwide, some 700 million people in 120 countries watch news on the event through television and the Internet. 

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Photo of Souvenir with elegant costumes

If you’re not a horse racing fan, don’t worry about it because going to the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a cultural entertainment and sporting experience for everybody, not just a horse racing event.

The festival takes place on the popular Flemington Racetrack, which is conveniently accessible by public transit specially built for the festival, such as a direct train from Flinders Central Station to Flemington every four minutes. Once a day or tram line 57 departs from Elizabeth Street to the Epsom Road entrance.

The Flemington racecourse during the festival season is still full of flowers, making you feel like you’re trapped in the land of the biggest rose garden in the world. Roses are planted all over the spot, from the entrance to the racetrack, inside the racetrack, along the stands and along the racecourse.