About Our Website

Amiee Harrison was born on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia in a small house near a lake, where her father taught her all about hunting and horse riding. Amiee then studied to become a veterinarian, which will help her later on.

Her father always encouraged her to follow her aspirations, as horse riding has always been her hobby. That’s why, after graduating, Amiee started training her horse to turn him, Buzz Lightyear, into a proper racehorse.

Work and Goals

As her parents took her to see The Melbourne Cup every year since she was a little girl, she already knew a little bit about horseracing, The Melbourne Cup, and betting. With the help of a horse trainer she became friends with after spending some time on the tracks, she got Buzz Lightyear to be trained by the best in the country.

She then gathered some contacts to help her develop a webpage that allows her to deliver vital and useful information about racehorses and horseracing in general. The website is based on The Melbourne Cup since it was Amiee’s favourite competition since she was a little girl.

Launching a Dream

Play Fast5 was born to deliver information and offer horse racing betting services, as it will allow her to share all her father taught her about horseracing and betting in general. Play Fast5 shares info related to The Melbourne Cup, racing events, ticket sales, and live horseracing bets.

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