Betting Strategies for the Melbourne Cup – A Winning Guide

Setting bet strategies for the Melbourne Cup is as important as choosing your seats to watch the race. The race that stops the nation is about to start next November, which means you need to start practising.

Jason Dutching Strategy

This means skipping the race if one of 2 racers is a non-runner, if one horse skips odds on, split your stake with the profit target depending on which horse wins. If they both lose, you already have the losses for the previous game and start another race.

Straight Bets

This is a strategy where you have different options for betting. The first is called Win, where you should know which horse will finish first. The place is the horse that must place first or second while Show means the horse must be placed in 3rd. Finally, Across the border wager means that the horse will make it in the first three positions.


Quinella is about picking two horses without order to win in the first or second places. Usually, the quinella will pay less than a trifecta even if the punter has good odds.

Exacta or Perfecta

In this strategy, the punter needs to pick which horse will take first place and the second place, keeping the order accurate.


Trifecta means choosing the first three horse winners in the right order. Box trifecta is when picking the first three horses no matter the order and Standout trifecta means choosing the winner and the next two horses in any order.

Daily Double

This means to predict the winning horse in any two races.

Running Double

Running double is about selecting the winning horse of two consecutive races.


Quadrella means choosing the winning horses of four pre-nominated races in the card bet.

Straight Six

This is about selecting the winning horse of six consecutive predominate races.


Here you should select two of three winning horses in no order.

With these strategies, you have more chances to win and earn profits. Put them in practice for the Melbourne Cup as we wish you the best of luck. Remember to take notes about betting strategies for The Melbourne Cup and make sure to be there to enjoy the race with family and relatives.

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