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Play Fast5is a website that shares everything about the Melbourne Cup, commonly known as “the race that stops the nation” in Australia. The Melbourne Cup came to Australia for mainly entertainment reasons and brought a different colour to the city. This is why it has become popular, as it is the bigger competition in the city for all ages, gathering thousands of families and friends from all over the world. Play Fast5 is here to talk about all the highlights of this amazing competition, share with you interesting content, and more to discover. Take a look at what we have to offer to make you feel comfortable. Our website offers you a wide variety of information related to the Melbourne Cup, from its history to news about this amazing horse race event. We deliver details about the star horses, famous jockeys and organizers; all you need to start making well-informed betting decisions. One of our main goals is to cover all you need to know about The Melbourne Cup competition and get everyone interested knowing more about horseracing. We want to be more than a horseracing-oriented site and get to everybody that loves horseracing and wants to learn more about The Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup Carnival – A horse racing event that makes the whole country watch (Part 2)

The corner of the racetrack We arrived at the Flemington Racecourse on the day of the Melbourne Cup on 3 November and sensed the festive mood that went beyond horse racing. Entertainment activities with families, relatives, friends and, in particular, the fashion community of festival participants make the Melbourne Cup Carnival appealing to all.  Horse

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Melbourne Cup Carnival – A horse racing event that makes the whole country watch (Part 1)

The Melbourne Spring Riding Festival appears to include all the celebrations, and is the most famous sports entertainment event in Southern Victoria, Australia.  If you have the chance to come to Melbourne in the spring and in the first week of November each year, you can’t skip a live spectator to the Melbourne Cup Carnival

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Melbourne Cup: Vow and Declare won the most prestigious horse race in Australia

The Australian cross horse competes in field 24 to win the Cup at the annual showcase contest at the Flemington Racecourse.  Raised by Daniel O’Brien, Vow and Declare gave Australia the urge to win a 3,200 meter (1,98 mile) race after a decade of international victories.  Williams and O’Brien won the top prize of $4.4

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The highlights of the Melbourne Cup that you can’t miss

Every year, on the first Tuesday of November, the Melbourne Cup horse race takes place, making Australia a three-and-a-half-minute shutdown. And here’s the reason why The best handicap horse race in the world  The run took place over long distances-32000 meters-and it was a handicap sport (to keep the sides balanced)-meaning the horses were filled

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